NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares

23rd Jan 2014 | 18:00

NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares
Pearl Introduces Masters BCX Series drum kits
Birch added to Masters line

NAMM 2014: Amongst a slew of drum and percussion products at every NAMM show, Pearl always makes a major headline kit announcement at the show. Last year it was the return of the Pearl Export, this year sees the introduction of the Masters BCX Series drum kits. Read the spec below.

From the press release:

Featuring 100 percent Birch shells in amazing finishes at an affordable price! Birch is known for its naturally EQ’d sonic characteristics with boosted lows and highs, making it a perfect fit for a naturally balanced drumset sonority. Masters BCX utilises these characteristics while following the original recipe for Pearl’s industry-acclaimed Masters MCX Series, with exact matching specifications for optimum sonic capabilities. Masters BCX features 6-ply, 7.5mm 100 percent Birch shells created using Pearl’s SST Superior Shell Technology, as well as OptiMount tom holders, Masters bridge lugs, MasterCast Die-cast hoops, and Remo drumheads, making this kit a must have.

Masters BCX Series is available in three stunning lacquer finishes including Golden Bronze Glitter, Piano Black and Lava Bubinga.

NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares
FFS Free Floating snare drums
Available in a range of depths for different application

Pearl has produced Free-Floating snares for a while now. These new models are task-specific and offered in a a 14" width by 3.5", 5", 6.5", and 8" depth. Each drum is made utilising specific shell materials to optimise each drum’s sonority with respect to depth.

From the press release:

Our Task-Specific 14"x3.5" Piccolo Free Floaters feature 1.2mm Stainless Steel or 6 ply Birch, both known for their brightness, which complement the bright, penetrating sound that drummers typically require from their piccolo snares.

14"x5" Free Floaters feature 1.5mm Brass or 6 ply Maple shells known for their smooth and even frequency distribution thus making them ideal for all-purpose applications whether live or in the studio.

14"x6.5" Free Floating Snare Drums are equipped with 1.2mm Phosphor Bronze or 6 ply Maple with an inner ply of African Mahogany. Both are ideally suited to produce lower fundamental tones befitting this drum’s depth.

The 14"x8" Free Floaters feature a 1.2mm Seamless Aluminum shell and a 8 ply African Mahogany shell known for the ultra strong lows.

All Task-Specific Free Floating Snare Drums are equipped with Die-Cast hoops, free floating lugs, chrome hardware, Coated Ambassador batter head and Pearl’s new SR-160F strainer, featuring Pearl’s exclusive Click-Lock system which simultaneously locks the snare lever and the tension adjuster to your exact liking. The metal shell drums have a classy brushed finish, while the wood shell drums are finished in Pearl’s exclusive Satin Lacquer natural wood finishes.

NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares
30th anniversary Free Floating snare model
Limited to only 45 models

Talking of Free Floaters… It’s been 30 years since Pearl first launched its free floating system. To mark the anniversary Pearl has announced a limited edition model.

The drum features a 3mm brass shell with a one-of-a-kind Patina-look finish. Pearl tells us this special finish does not require plating which adds vibration-reducing mass, so the drum can resonate naturally.

The drum also features Peal’s new Spin-Tight Tension Rods that lock securely using a special drum key to maintain tuning integrity.

Each snare comes with an embossed and luxuriously padded leather carrying bag and only 45 have been made.

NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares
A new line of Hybrid Exotic snare drums
"From whisper quiet to blastisimo!"

From the press release:

Pearl is proud to introduce its new line of Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums, featuring three unique hybrid shell compositions to provide a new sonority in the snare drum market.

Our proprietary VectorCast shells are incredibly thin yet supremely strong for insanely intense power with tremendous fullness and body. The shells are polished and clear lacquered to maximise the shell’s natural beauty and to keep mass to the absolute minimum.

Our Aluminum shells are famous for their wood-like tone with the cut of metal. We’ve made the shells 3mm thick for added rigidity which provides superb sensitivity and ultra-wide dynamic range from whisper quiet to blastisimo. They’re polished and lightly clear coated to protect the beauty of these fine instruments.

Pearl pioneered the wood-fiberglass shell in the 1970s. We’ve recreated these classics by blending Kapur, known for it’s rich low-end frequencies, with an inner layer of reflective fiberglass to give our Kapur/Fiberglass drums sensational warmth with boosted power and high-end cut. These marvelous instruments are finished in glimmering Ebony Lacquer with a Pearl Inlay.

Each drum is 14" in width, and is offered in both a 5" and 6.5" depth, as well as a 8" depth for Kapur/Fiberglass shells. All Hybrid Exotic Snare Drums are equipped with Pearl’s acclaimed SuperHoop II hoops, STL-100 lugs, SR-1000 strainer, Coated Ambassador batter head, and chrome hardware. Hybrid Exotic Snares also feature Pearl’s new Spin-Tight tension rods on the batter side. Spin-Tight tension rods expand inside the lug to prevend loosening and detuning.

NAMM 2014: Pearl unveils new kit and snares
SensiTone snares return!
Available in a variety of shell materials

From the press release:

Pearl is proud to reintroduce their line of SensiTone and SensiTone Premium Series snare drums, breathing new life into these highly practical drums with redesigned hardware components and shell compositions. The SensiTone Series is outfitted with tube lugs and Pearl’s new SR-150 snare strainer, featuring a Gladstone-style throw off with Pearl’s Click-Lock technology which locks the snare lever and tension adjuster to retain your settings no matter how hard you play.

The piston slider provides a dependable and smooth action with firm snare tension control. Pearl’s SuperHoop II hoops make for even head-tensioning and lasting durability.

SensiTone shell options include beaded Steel, beaded Brass, and Seamless Aluminum, while SensiTone Premium offers Phosphor Bronze and 5.4mm Maple shells, available in 14"x5" and 14"x6.5" sizes. SensiTone Premium Series drums feature Pearl’s modern ARL Tube Lugs with a bridge-style design for increased shell resonance. A 15"x5" 4-ply Mahogany shell SensiTone snare is also available, finished in Satin Mahagony lacquer.

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