NAMM 2014: New Premier gear

23rd Jan 2014 | 18:00

NAMM 2014: New Premier gear
Premier XPK Special Edition
Premier's new XPK Special Edition Concert tom set-up

NAMM 2014 PRESS RELEASE: Premier unveil the XPK Special Edition kit, an eight-piece concert tom kit that provides an affordable solution for drummers who were fans of this classic set-up, or for players looking to set themselves apart from the crowd.

The XPK Special Edition is inspired by the retro concert tom kits of the 1970s, preferred at the time by some of the world’s leading recording and performing drummers including the legendary Keith Moon.

This new offering delivers an all-birch shell with classic mounted toms and clear drumheads with a black dot for a more controlled sound. All fittings are chrome-plated and the kit is complemented with a matching wood snare drum and matching bass drum hoops.

The Concert Tom 22 set-up includes an 8”x6” tom, 10”x7” tom, 12”x8” tom, 13”x9” tom, 14”x14” floor, 16”x16” floor, 22”x16” bass and a 14”x6.5” snare drum. To complete the set-up a tom holder and additional double tom stand are also included.

Launching at NAMM will be the Natural Satin Lacquer (NSL) colour with further finish options to be announced later this year by Premier.

With the aim to launch innovative and exceptional kits on a yearly basis, the XPK Special Edition is an affordable addition to Premier’s XPK portfolio that presents something unique for dealers and consumers alike.

NAMM 2014: New Premier gear
Premier XPK snares
Premier launch a new series of XPK snare drums

XPK press release

Premier introduce a new collection of snare drums to its XPK range.

The offering of wood snares feature an all-birch shell with an outer ply of ash to provide a beautiful overall aesthetic. Available in two finishes, Natural Satin (NAS) with chrome hardware or Black Ash Satin (BAS) with black hardware, these snares provide outstanding value for money.

Available in six sizes – 10”x5”, 12”x6”, 13”x7”, 14”x5.5”, 14”x6.5” and 14”x8”, each snare features 1.6mm triple-flange steel hoops, a strong yet smooth snare strainer and throw-off and a coated drumhead.

XPK continues to set the standard for affordable, high-quality kits and the introduction of a dedicated selection of snare drums offers greater choice for drummers looking to expand their sound palette at this level.

NAMM 2014: New Premier gear
Genista 2014
New options for Premier's Genista range for 2014

Premier Genista press release

Premier are bringing exciting new options to its Genista range for 2014.

Launching at the NAMM Show are two new kits - a Quick Five 22 (10”x7” tom, 12”x8” tom, 16”x14” floor, 22”x18” bass and 14”x6.5” snare) and a Bebop 20 (12”x8” tom, 14”x14” floor, 20”x14” bass, 14”x5.5” snare).

Genista has long been the most popular choice for drummers seeking a professional all-birch kit. These new kits continue to offer the legendary birch shells and are upgraded to include an undrilled bass drum for maximum shell resonance, a matching 10-lug snare drum, Remo Clear Emperor drumheads for brighter sounding toms and a redesigned tom clamp system providing optimum tom placement.

The Quick Five 22 kit is available in Iridium Blaze Sparkle Lacquer (IBX), a luxurious, deep sparkle with satin nickel hardware whilst the Bebop 20 is available in Pharaoh Sparkle Lacquer (PHX), a stylish black and gold sparkle finish with brass-plated hardware.

Premier will also launch a limited edition run of 50 Bebop 20 kits in a Rainbow Wood (RAW), a striking characteristic vertical grain finish with chrome-plated hardware.

All three finishes feature the classic Premier script badge, matched to the hardware colour with a selection of add-on drums available to order for each kit.

NAMM 2014: New Premier gear
Premier APK
New options for Premier's APK range for 2014

Premier APK press release

Following on from the popularity of the unique compact and portable APK Heritage set-ups, Premier’s APK range is now set to include the Jazz 20 (12”x8” tom, 14”x14” floor, 20”x14” bass and 14”x5” snare) and Concert Master 24 (13”x9” tom, 16”x16” floor, 24”x14” bass and 14”x6.5” snare) shell packs. This range is ideal for smaller spaces or portability with no compromise to the sound.

Two new voguish colours are also to be introduced to the APK Heritage. A classic White Marine Silk (WMS), plus a stunning wood satin finish: Walnut Satin (WAS).

A further two new finishes are to be introduced to the standard APK offering. The dazzling Gunmetal Sparkle Wrap (GSW), based on the popular Gen-X finish by Premier, and the timeless Polar White Wrap (PWW).

Premier claim both APK and APK Heritage offer drummers of all ages and ability a high-quality affordable birch kit, now with even greater choice and exceptional value for money.

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