NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums

29th Jan 2013 | 15:09

NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums
Introducing the Atlas tom mount
Multi-purpose hardware

The most innovative new addition from Ludwig is the Atlas mount, an add-on to the Atlas hardware range launched in 2012.

The Atlas mount features a new minimum contact, two-part suspension system that replace lugs on each shell. The mount comes in two parts and is separated by a polymer bumper, thus isolating the drum from the mount and allowing maximum resonance of the shell.

The Atlas mount will come as standard on the Keystone series (which also features a new cast brass badge) and Ludwig also informs us that the it will be available later in the year as a standalone product that can be retro fit to any shell that features two-point mounted lugs.

NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums
A multitude of uses
More ways than one to use the Atlas mount

As you can see, it's not just rack toms that can be mounted using the new Atlas mount.

By replacing a pair of bass drum lugs with Atlas mounts you have a handy way of adding additional cymbal arms to your set-up. They can also be used to mount legs to your floor tom.

NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums
More hardware options
Customise your set-up even further

Continuing the theme, Ludwig has introducing an array of additional arms and clamps, leaving you plenty of options by which to add cymbals and toms to your set-up, meaning you can fill up every last gap in your kit!

NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums
Supralite snare drum
Budget version of an old favourite

The Ludwig Supralite is a wallet-friendly version of its older sibling the Supraphonic.

The drum features a 1mm beaded chromed steel shell, 2.3mm hoops, chromed-beass tube-style lugs and is available in 14"x4", 15"x5", 14"x5.5" and 14"x6.5" sizes.

NAMM 2013: Ludwig Drums
The centrepiece of the Ludwig stand
But would it all fit in a Ford Fiesta?

Every year Ludwig unveils a monstrous kit as the centre-piece to their stand at NAMM. This year's statement piece was this sprawling Legacy Classic kit. Stunning set-up, but we can't make our minds up on that finish...

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