NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!

29th Jan 2013 | 16:59

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
Illumer bass ports

Illuminated bass drums are becoming more popular at each show we visit. The Reactorz Illuminer Series bass port is the latest product with which you can dazzle the audience even more during your performance.

This sturdy, die-cast bass port-style unit fits in the hole in your bass drum and lights up every time you strike the drum via an in-built trigger. Alternatively you can keep the light on permanently to add a unique glow to your set-up. There are plenty of colour options available and you can also opt for custom graphics on the port too.

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
Black Widow Drum Web
A drum matt with a difference

We all have that odd cut-off of garish carpet that we transport to and from gigs, rehearsal rooms and anywhere with a slippery floor. It's an added item to transport and isn't particularly portable. The Black Widow Drum Web is designed to be anchored by the weight of the drummer on their throne, combining a durable, nylon fabric with Velcro on the matt and pedals to keep your kit securely in place.

One size fits almost all sizes of kit as the only elements needed on the matt itself are your pedals and throne. Once attached and you are sat down, everything is held firmly in place.

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
A kit that looks like a motorcycle!
Not much else to say really...

Ok, so more of a show-piece than an actual product, but pretty cool nonetheless. SoCal Drums were proudly displaying this hog on their stand. The drums sounded pretty cool too.

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
100 percent cymbal kit
Not sure this one will take off

Of course, this isn't something that's going into production but it was a hell of a lot of fun, especially with our buddy Brad Davis Adventure Drums giving it a go on the Turkish Cymbals stand, and actually getting some cool sounds from it.

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
Bass drum within a bass drum
...courtesy of SJC Drums

Following on from their 'snare within a snare' displayed at NAMM 2012, SJC Drums decided to go one bigger and build a bass drum within a bass drum. SJC's theory is that it offers a lot more attack and body. Having stood in front of the kit during a demo we'd be inclined to agree.

They also added a woofer to the floor tom. They took an acrylic floor tom and added a 4" maple woofer underneath. Nice!

NAMM 2013: Drum gadgets and innovations!
Offworld Percussion
A wooden performance

Unique wooden drums made by a company called Offworld Percussion. The stand was set-up with a full kit made of these drums. We'd wager they sound much better as standalone instruments, ideal for a percussionist looking for new sounds, but they have an interesting look.

The drums must be played using hands or rubber-tipped sticks and are naturally quite top-heavy, but they offer some interesting new sounds and we'd be interested to hear them miked up.

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