Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.

6th Feb 2013 | 11:40

Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.
"...innovative building techniques"

Amongst the major players at the NAMM show we always hear of new buzz drum brands, hidden gems nestled in the bustling halls of the Anaheim Convention Centre. This year a little birdie told us to head over and check out Q Drum Co., a new LA-based drum company building stunning custom drums focused on delivering the sound in a client's head, coupled with timeless custom aesthetics (just check out their hand riveted copper shells!). The drums are handcrafted by former OCDP guy Jeremy Berman and the company is part-owned by US drum superstar Ilan Rubin (NIN, Paramore, Angels & Airwaves). We caught up with Ilan to find out more about this exciting new venture and to see where his playing will take him in 2013.

How did you come to know the guys at Q Drum Co.?

"I've known Jeremy Berman, the main man at Q Drum Co., for a VERY long time. He had built most of my OCDP kits since I was 12 and also tech'ed for me in Nine Inch Nails."

What made you want to get involved with the company?

"OCDP had slowly evolved into something which was pretty different than the company I had joined 12 years ago and I just felt it was time for something fresh. When Jeremy told me he was setting up his own shop, I was of course interested and more importantly super impressed by his innovative building techniques."

Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.
"...a broader understanding of what drums are meant to sound like"

What makes Q Drum Co. stand out from the crowd and is there anything in particular they specialise in?

"Absolutely. Since Jeremy has had tons of experience as a custom drum builder, touring tech, and studio tech, I'd say he has a much a broader understanding of what drums are meant to sound like and how to achieve that sound in any environment. Aside from that, his building techniques with various materials, especially different metals (copper, galvanised steel, brass, etc), is unmatched in my opinion. They have a sound all their own and look fantastic."

Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.
"Jeremy and I are always throwing around ideas"

Exactly what is your involvement with Q Drum Co.? Is it purely financial, or will you be getting involved in product development and marketing also?

"My involvement with Q Drum Co. as a part owner lies more in marketing and the strategic side of growing the business, a challenge I'm really excited by and looking forward to. However, Jeremy and I are always throwing around ideas for innovative and stylish drums but sound is ALWAYS priority number one. He's got all things craftsmanship on lock down."

Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.
"They're very dynamic drums..."

Give us a breakdown of the Q Drum Co. kit you're currently using and describe the sound.

"The Q Drum Co. kit I'm currently using is made of pure copper. Not wood shells with a copper finish, but pure, solid copper. They do however have reinforcement hoops which give them a very well balanced and warm tone. Sizes are 13"x9", 16"x16", 18"x16" and 24"x16", although a 26"x14" will end up being the main size just like all my other sets. What's really interesting about these drums and other metal drums by Q Drum Co. is that they are surprisingly warm but seem to resonate a bit longer, which is a quality I love. They're very dynamic drums but seem to translate more power than others if you really dig into them."

Ilan Rubin joins forces with Q Drum Co.
"I'll be pretty busy this year"

What musical projects do you have on the horizon and when can we see you back in the UK?

"I'll definitely be pretty busy this year. I will be releasing two EP's for The New Regime throughout 2013 titled "Exhibits A and Exhibits B, while I'm out with Paramore and then another band I can't disclose just yet, unfortunately! However, I've done a few sessions so far this year including some soundtrack stuff for the 'Oblivion' film that M83 is composing. Throughout all of that, I will be continuing to write and record a new album with Angels & Airwaves which we started in January. I'm sure I'll be in the UK a few times this year!"

Take a look inside Q Drum Co., including some tidy playing from Mr Rubin right here.

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