Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers

18th Oct 2012 | 15:15

Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Drumport Drum Insert (from around £35)
More power from your kicks

We enjoy Christmas here at MusicRadar. So much so that we've had our office tree up since mid-August, and half our team have already come down 'a bit funny' after several weeks of consuming nothing but mince pies and eggnog.

There are upsides to our festive obsession though. We always get our Christmas shopping on the go before Halloween (no last minute queuing for us) and we think you should too. To that end, we're getting our Christmas gift guides ready nice and early this year.

Here you'll find a round-up of our top gift ideas for drummers; from essential accessories to grand, eye-catching purchases and esoteric oddities. We've got all your bases covered.

The eyecatching Drumport attaches to the front of your kick drum without need for any modifications. It looks like an old-fashioned loudspeaker and helps produce thicker sounds with more projection. You can even pick up a glow-in-the-dark version too.

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Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Remo Ambassador X14 (around £15)
It's hard not to like Remo's durable single-ply heads

Remo’s mega durable Ambassador X14 heads make light work of the heaviest of demands. They excel at everything from delicate ghost notes to a pounding backbeat. What’s not to like?

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Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Rhythm subscription (from £10.49)
The gift that keeps on giving

For a gift that'll keep on giving for an entire year, look no further than a subscription to Rhythm magazine. Expert gear reviews, pro tips and killer interviews with the world's best players - everything a drummer needs. Plus you'll save 20% on the cover price.

Or if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, why not subscribe to Rhythm’s enhanced digital edition? Each issue comes packed with video, audio and bonus content.

Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Alesis SamplePad (around £99)
Limitless percussion possibilities

The SamplePad is a similar proposition to Alesis’s popular PercPad; a four-zone drum pad for playing sampled percussion sounds.

The SamplePad, however, takes things a step further with the ability to play user created/loaded sounds, as well as acting as a MIDI trigger. Perfect for the experimental percussionist in your life.

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Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs (around £25)
Nothing says merry Christmas like an earplug

A set of earplugs might not be the sexiest gift idea, but it’s certainly one that will be appreciated in the long run.

The constant noise of gigs and band practices can take its toll on a musician’s hearing and these Ahead Custom Molded Earplugs - that mould to fit the shape of your ears - are a great way to prevent damage.

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Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Rhythm Presents 100 Drum Heroes (£9.99)
27 years of drum history

100 Drum Heroes is a glossy, 200-page coffee table magazine from the team behind Rhythm.

It features interviews taken from 27 years of Rhythm's esteemed history, plus some new material too, 100 Drum Heroes is also crammed with fantastic photographs of the drummers, some shot for Rhythm's covers, and loads of classic shots from back in the day.

You can also pick it up digitally on your iPad from Apple Newsstand priced £5.99.

Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
Spaun Custom LED kit (from £2,499)
An undeniably eye-catching gift idea

With prices starting at around two and a half thousand pounds, Spaun Custom LED kits aren’t exactly last-minute stocking filler material - but just imagine how sexy one of these unique light-up drum sets would look under the tree come Christmas morning.

It’s not all about visual appeal though - these kits match their striking appearance with impressive tone.

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Holiday/Christmas 2012 gift ideas for drummers
BeepStreet Impaktor (£2.99)
The ambitious finger-drummer's dream

iPad drum machine Impaktor might look a bit techy to be included as part of a round-up of gift ideas for drummers, but this excellent little beat synthesiser is triggered using your iPad’s built in mic - effectively meaning that you can turn any object into an electronic drum pad. Perfect for the budding finger-drummer on the go.

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