Great gear in this month's Rhythm

24th Apr 2013 | 10:12

Great gear in this month's Rhythm
Tama Star drum kits
Fabulous new top-end series from Tama

Tama reveals the primary goal with the Star series was to re-examine every detail of their flagship Starclassic series "to enhance shell resonance". This has led to some interesting solutions and surprising retro features on the two kits sent to Rhythm for review - one in maple, finished in Satin Antique Brown, and the other in bubinga with a Dark Green Cordia finish.

What did Rhythm's Geoff Nicholls make of the kits? Find out in this month's Rhythm!

Great gear in this month's Rhythm
Ludwig Acrolite Limited Edition Snares
A pair of snares in all-over brushed aluminium

Celebrating 50 years of the famed Acrolite, Ludwig has released these special edition snares in all-over brushed aluminium. The Acrolite is undoubtedly a classic drum, so do these new snares do the name justice? Find out in the June issue of Rhythm!

Great gear in this month's Rhythm
Sabian Cymbal Vote winners
A quartet of players'-choice cymbals

Following a vote on the shortlisted 2013 Cymbal Vote Winners at Sabian's website, these four were chosen and duly sent for review to Rhythm HQ. So we have the AAX Air Splash, AAX X-plosion hats, AAX Freq Crash and AA Bash Ride up for scrutiny. How did they fare? Find out in this month's Rhythm!

Great gear in this month's Rhythm
Overtone Labs Tune-bot
An interesting new tuning solution

Unlike other tuners, the Tune-bot doesn't measure the physical tension in the head or tuning rods but instead judges the pitch of the had via on onboard microphone. So is it the solution to the age-old problem of drum tuning? Expert reviewer Adam Jones gives it a go in this month's Rhythm!

Great gear in this month's Rhythm
Premier One Series snares
UK drum company Premier's hand-made and one-off snares

Under the guidance of former KD Drums supremo Keith Keough, Premier returns to UK manufacturing with a pair of unique, handmade snares. The first is the 'Type 1' Bowood, constructed of 12 plies of old Georgian oak and cherry, all running horizontally, with an outer veneer of wild English walnut. The second is a 'Type 3' Balmoral, constructed of 15 plies of birch and African mahogany, with the plies laid vertically. How great are these drums? Geoff Nicholls rates them in this month's Rhythm!

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