Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals

24th Feb 2014 | 10:00

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals
In Pictures: UFiP Cymbals
Reading-based firm bring UFiP to the UK

Italian company UFiP have been crafting beautiful cymbals since the 1930s, but due to limited UK distribution, drummers on these shores may have struggled to add a UFiP or two into their armory.

Well, now, thanks to Reading-based company Cymbalise, UFiP’s are easier for you to get your hands on than ever before. The firm was set up purely to bring UFiP’s wares to the UK market. Here, we have a selection of said metals. Keep your eyes peeled for full reviews coming soon in Rhythm.

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals
Extatic Series

The Extatic range has been produced to combine the dynamic ranges of UFiP’s Class and Natural series. The excellently named Extatic cymbals are a versatile bunch, pitching themselves at players of pop, rock and funk.

This wide range of applications is possible due to the cymbal’s cross-hammering development process.

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals
Class Brilliant

UFiP’s lightweight Class Brilliant cymbals – everything from 8" splash right up to 20" china – are available in brilliant finish as well as regular.

The class range is forged from cast B20 bronze and combines the company’s 80 years of cymbal-making knowledge to offer metals suited to every genre from hard rock to Latin and world.

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals

The Natural range, meanwhile, comprises dark, rich metals perfectly suited to jazz and fusion thanks to their controlled overtones and warm frequencies.

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals

UFiP took two years to develop its Supernova line. These sheet bronze cymbals are best suited to hip-hop, urban and drum‘n’bass and feature glassy tones.

Gear gallery: UFiP Cymbals

For much more on UFiP take a look at, where you’ll find details on the entire UFiP canon and an online shop.

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