Gear gallery: new gear on the Rhythm radar

1st Oct 2013 | 08:54

Gear gallery: new gear on the Rhythm radar
Gear Gallery: New gear on the Rhythm radar
Featuring Spaun, Meinl and Roland

We’re inundated with new gear each and every day here at Rhythm HQ, so we thought we'd start giving you a regular look at the mouth-watering products that we’re lucky enough to get our hands on...

Gear gallery: new gear on the Rhythm radar
Spaun Drums Jazz Series

Spaun Drums may have built a name as an ace US custom manufacturer capable of producing eye-popping finishes and beautiful, ultra modern looks, but it is a company that knows its drum history, too. And you can see just that from Spaun’s latest line -the Jazz Series. These eight-ply maple drums have stunning, classic aesthetics and (as you’d guess from the name) a rich tone that's perfect for all you jazzers out there. Stunning.

Gear gallery: new gear on the Rhythm radar
Meinl Mini Cajon

Do you love the tone and timbre of a cajon but want one that you could (almost) fit in your pocket? It’s your lucky day.

The Meinl Percussion Mini Cajon is that ever-popular percussion instrument shrunk down to around 1/6 of its normal size. Coming in at 14.5cm tall, this compact little beauty is made from birch and, according to Meinl, offers up superb responsive from even the gentlest of taps.

Gear gallery: new gear on the Rhythm radar
Roland HandSonic

Roland has given its boundary-pushing HandSonic line a revamp, resulting in the brand new HandSonic HPD-20.

This titchy device (officially described as a ‘dynamic digital hand percussion instrument’) features an ultra-sensitive playing pad surface and Roland’s SuperNATURAL engine. Ready for use live on stage or in the studio, the HandSonic also features tons of ready-to-play sounds as well as the option to add your own via USB.

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