Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results

27th Nov 2012 | 13:07

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
John Bonham
Easy victory for Bonzo

An easy win in the end for John 'Bonzo' Bonham, who coasted through to the last 16 on more than 51% of the votes. Such was the force of Bonham's steamrollering performance that many of his Classic Rock contemporaries as well as those influenced by the great man were left choking in the dust. Even Ringo Starr didn't, as they say, turn up.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Keith Moon
Second place for Moonie

A strong but not convincing showing for The Who legend sees Keith Moon scrape through to the next round. But where were his legion of fans? Yes, we're talking about his generation! And every generation since! Still, it's job done and onto the last 16, where he's likely to find the going tough against some of the young and not so young guns in the genres of Metal, Rock, Jazz, Funk and Pop.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Ian Paice
Close, but not enough to go through automatically

Thanks to his fantastic contribution to the Classic Rock pantheon having drummed on timeless rock anthems such as 'Smoke On The Water' and 'Black Night', the Deep Purple man almost beat Keith Moon to automatic qualification for the next round of the Drummer's World Cup. Mr Paice will be hoping that he can still get through on a 'next most votes' wildcard.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Phil Collins
It's not in the air tonight for Phil

Mama, this one was close. The Genesis man, in the end, lacked his famous 'Invisible Touch' to just fall short of qualification. Unless 'Against All Odds' he's still managed enough votes in the wider competition to get through on a wild card. Otherwise it's looking like he's on his way 'Home (By The Sea)'.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Bill Bruford
Yes, but no…

The thinking prog rock man's prog drummer, Yes's Bill Bruford managed a respectable fifth place position in a group dominated by big beats and big hair. His intelligent jazz beats were just no match in the end for sheer power and brutal attacking play.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Mitch Mitchell
Experience counted for nothing

A relatively poor showing for the brilliant Jimi Hendrix sticksman saw him floundering in sixth place in the end. Gaining just over 4 percent of the votes, Mitchell fell victim to what they're now calling the 'Group Of Death', with Bonham calling the shots at every turn.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Roger Taylor
Not quite the Champion

Tied at seventh in the qualifying group, Queen's Roger Taylor will be looking closely at his performance, the result of what can only be described as not having had enough votes from Rhythm readers. Some Taylor fans are already complaining about waterlogged pitches and "Not knowing anything about a poll."

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Alex Van Halen
His World Cup dream is over...

Look at Alex, he's looking so happy, arms aloft like he's won! But nobody's told him yet that he's tied in seventh with Queen's Roger Taylor. The genius drumming powerhouse deserved more than a paltry 3.03% of the votes. Come on Van Halen fans! Where were you?! Where were you!? Let's be havin’ you, as Delia Smith once said.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Cozy Powell
Not feeling too Cozy in eighth place

The 'Dance With The Devil' and Rainbow drumming behemoth was sunk in the first round thanks to a lacklustre performance and only 2.5% of the votes. Really, you have to wonder who votes on these things. John Bonham fans, that's who.

Drummer's World Cup: Classic Rock results
Ginger Baker
The competition's first real shock

The Cream man went into the competition as at least an outside favourite, but only just managed to scrape into the top half of the group with a poor 2.02% of the votes. He won't be happy with that. We would suggest a change of manager and a complete restructuring of himself in time for the Euros in two years time. Although we might have taken the football tournament analogy too far with this one.

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