Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers

20th Nov 2013 | 15:12

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Un-beat-able gifts

The holiday season is well and truly upon us and the annual hunt to find those perfect gifts for your loved ones has begun.

Whilst, here at MusicRadar, we’re can’t be much help when it comes to finding a scarf for your Auntie Jean or a wacky tie for dad, we do know a thing or two about what musicians want.

In this round up, we’ve gathered together a handful of our favourite bits of recent drum and percussion gear, which we think might please the rhythm master in your life come Christmas morning.

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
MXL Essentials Drum Recording Kit

MXL’s two-mic Essentials kit offers a fantastic introductory bundle for those looking to record their kit for the first time.

The kit consists of a pair of existing MXL mics - the A-55 Kicker (a large diaphragm dynamic mic suitable for bass drums and any other low-end instruments) and the 606 condenser (primarily a snare mic but versatile enough to cover other elements of the kit). Included in the package is a foam-lined flight case, a stand adaptor and a shockmount for the 606.

Find out more about the MXL Essentials Drum Recording Kit

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Evans Level 360 Drumheads
From £11.99

With the Level 360, Evans has not invented a new range of drum heads, but rather it has introduced a new philosophy to each of its head ranges.

The Level 360 concept brings a modified design to Evans' head offerings. These tweaks aim to ensure greater contact and balance between the head and drum, as well as greater tonal range. With this evolution of its design process, Evans has launched a true revolution in drum heads.

Find out more about Evans 360 Drumheads

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Natal NSTC Cowbells
From £17.99

Everybody loves a cowbell, and this new range from British percussion company Natal looks and sounds great.

The NSTC Cowbells are capable of clean, resonant tones with plenty of volume. You’ll be not fearing the reaper in no time.

Find out more about the Natal NSTC Cowbells

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Rhythm presents: 100 Greatest Drum Beats bookazine
From £5.99

In their latest bookazine, 100 Greatest Drum Beats, the folks from Rhythm Magazine lay bare 100 of the greatest ever grooves and show you how to play them!

There are also video tutorials of 25 top beats, including tracks from Nirvana, Zeppelin, Paul Simon, The Police, Avenged Sevenfold, The Beatles and loads more.

100 Greatest Beats is now available from newsagents, online from and on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from Apple Newsstand.

Watch the trailer video

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Aquarian InHEAD Kick And Snare Pack

Several years in the making, Aquarian's inHEAD combines an acoustic head and electronic trigger in one ground-breaking package.

Unlike most drum triggers, which rely on often-unreliable vibration sensors, the InHEADs use pressure-sensitive Force Sensing Resistor technology. Additionally, rather than having a single point of contact (as with existing triggers) the FSR is encased inside a real drumhead and can be triggered from any area across it. And, of course, they function as a proper acoustic drum heads too.

This starter pack contains the triggers and connecters needed to connect your snare and kick up to a drum module of your choice.

Find out more about the Aquarian InHEAD Kick And Snare Pack

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Highwood Malleus Double Kick Pedal

Yorkshire-based company HighWood has built up a richly deserved reputation for making quality hand-crafted drums at sensible prices.

This double kick pedal is exceptionally robustly built, with a smooth action and versatile range of adjustment options. It’s a cost-effective yet quality product, representing Brit engineering at its very best.

Single Malleus pedals are also available, priced at £200.

Find out more about Highwood Malleus Kick Pedals

Christmas/holiday 2013 gift ideas for drummers
Porter And Davies BC2
From £799

Looking for a big ticket item for the drummer that has everything? The BC2 might just be that super-cool gadget you're after.

The BC2 is a low-frequency monitoring system, which allows drummers to hear their kick drum via vibrations sent through their drum stool without the worry of it being drowned out by other musicians.

It's a system that works fantastically, and it's an invaluable tool for pro and regularly gigging drummers. It's hard to describe just how connected to the kick drum you feel and equally how aware you become of the contributions that your pedal foot is making to the music.

The system comes in two versions: the compact and cheaper BC2 Gigster, and the rack mounted BC2rm (pictured above.)

Find out more about the Porter And Davies BC2


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