Cool and classic basses: Alembic Stanley Clarke 'Small Standard' Bass

17th Apr 2012 | 09:24

Cool and classic basses: Alembic Stanley Clarke 'Small Standard' Bass

No small amount of punch!

This was by no means the first Stanley Clarke model as it was built in 1994 but it's certainly one of the most striking basses that Alembic have ever built. In spite of its 'Small Standard' tag it's actually a full-scale bass whereas most of its predecessors were a keener 30.75-inch length.

The symmetrical body here holds much of its appeal, along with its relatively modest proportions. The ultimate in adjustability the Stanley Clarke comes with a tool kit and once the pickups and bridge are set as required they can be locked into place.

The active electronics give this model a mighty boost in performance and punch thus taking the muscle out of playing. With a headstock of this size poor balance is inevitable but it's a minor annoyance and in spite of its comparatively high price, in Alembic terms this particular model was a lot cheaper than most at the time of production.

Initailly launched with this symmetrical body the later versions saw a slightly larger upper body horn with the strap button placed there for improved balance. In spite of their strict no endorsement policy, after thirty years of working together Alembic presented Stanley with a specially inlaid instrument.

View our full Alembic Stanley Clarke 'Small Standard' Bass profile here.

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