Quick licks: intermediate #7

26th Oct 2011 | 13:31

Quick licks: intermediate #7
Intermediate lick one: Merle Travis picking

A Merle Travis influenced fingerstyle exercise that requires palm muting the bass notes to make them stand out. You'll want to create as much independence as possible between the treble and bass strings and give this exercise a relaxed swing at 95 bpm.

Quick licks: intermediate #7
Intermediate lick two: Cream/Clapton lead

A gem in the style of Eric Clapton's classic Cream era. The entire lick is played an octave above where it is written at the 17th fret position in the A blues scale (A, C, D, Eb, E, G, A). Be sure to apply a singing vibrato where indicated. Bridge humbucker and Marshall distortion are ideal.

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