Quick licks: intermediate #6

25th Sep 2011 | 07:00

Quick licks: intermediate #6
Intermediate lick 1: funky John Frusciante

Funky, slinky stuff inspired by early '90s Chili Peppers. Make sure you palm mute the repeated D note and really spank the upper chord stabs hard and strong. Try a single coil neck pickup into a clean amp with lots of compression and, most of all, keep it funky!

Quick licks: intermediate #6
Intermediate lick 2: vintage prog lead

This is a Steve Hackett Genesis style lead line featuring his signature use of pedal point (a repeated note against other moving notes), in this case a high F# in bar 3. To get this signature sound, use a neck position humbucker with the tone rolled off with singing amp sustain. Happy progging!

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