Quick licks: Intermediate #4

17th Aug 2011 | 12:54

Quick licks: Intermediate #4
Intermediate lick one: country-fried pickin'

Hybrid chicken-picking is the order of the day here with this Danny Gatton inspired example. Your plectrum takes the lower notes and the second and third fingers grab the higher strings. This is based on the G Mixolydian and G major pentatonic scales. Try your bridge pickup into a clean Fender style amp sound with a compressor and some slap back echo if you have them, to make it sing out as it should.

Quick licks: Intermediate #4
Intermediate lick two: Metallica style rhythm

This James Hetfield style meltdown has lots of chromaticism. Make sure you keep the sixth string muted and pumping the whole time. Try alternate picking if you can't manage all downstrokes like JH at this tempo. A high gain Boogie sound with a bridge position humbucker will make you The Master!

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