Quick licks: intermediate #2

13th Jun 2011 | 10:59

Quick licks: intermediate #2
Intermediate lick one: Blues leads from the border

This Johnny Winter inspired line will have you Texas-bound in no time! The line is based solely on the G blues scale (G, Bb, C, Db, D, F, G). Pay attention to the slides, hammer-ons, pull-off s and bends as getting this one right is all about the feel. Dial in some vintage Fender amp overdrive for just the right tone.

Quick licks: intermediate #2
Intermediate lick two: jazz chord soloing

Here's a melodic chord/solo study in F major that can help both your jazz soloing and comping. Play the example fingerstyle or with pick and fingers (hybrid picking) for best results. A warm, bassy clean tone with the neck pickup does the trick here.

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