Quick licks: intermediate #17

26th Dec 2012 | 10:00

Quick licks: intermediate #17
Intermediate lick one: James Taylor chords

This etude features the liberal use of 10th intervals in the classic James Taylor manner. The key is to leave all notes ringing their full length and to make the chordal shifts as smoothly as possible. This is a good one to develop barre chord strength as well.

Quick licks: intermediate #17
Intermediate lick two: Pick style flamenco

Here’s a good study for the development of arpeggios within a flamenco context in A Phrygian (A Bb C D E F G). The arpeggios and chords emphasise G minor and Bb major chords, both of which contain the Bb note characteristic to A Phrygian. Watch the stretches and build up slowly to reach the 115bpm tempo.

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