Quick licks: intermediate #15

11th Jul 2012 | 13:29

Quick licks: intermediate #15
Intermediate lick one: Robin Trower rhythm

Inspired by '70s era Trower, this example is typical of his chord work. Pay careful attention to the hammer-ons and slides. Start slowly and work your way up to a comfortable 56bpm tempo. A bridge position single-coil pickup and some Univibe or Flanger effect will do the trick.

Quick licks: intermediate #15
Intermediate lick two: Joni Mitchell acoustic

This is a tribute to Mitchell's unique acoustic guitar style. The tuning is C, G, D, F, G, C from low to high and play this with plenty of energy. Due to the low string tension of the tuning, be careful not to bend the notes out of tune. Enjoy those lush resonant harmonies!

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