Quick licks: intermediate #13

23rd Apr 2012 | 08:30

Quick licks: intermediate #13
Intermediate lick one: Prince-style rhythm

These chords go by quickly so try to perfect this example in sections and work slowly up to the 132bpm tempo. A clean single-coil solid state sound gives this one extra snap. Get down and funky like the Purple One!

Quick licks: intermediate #13
Intermediate lick two: Yngwie-style acoustic

This example is based on Yngwie Malmsteen's early Rising Force classical stylings. Notice the Neapolitan 6th chord (b2 chord in first inversion, here F/A in the key of E minor) in bar 1 and watch out for the fourth finger trill in the same bar. Play it lyrically and try writing similar etudes using this as a model.

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