Quick licks: intermediate #1

18th May 2011 | 12:21

Quick licks: intermediate #1
Intermediate lick one: Hendrix-style blues

Form your own Band Of Gypsys with this one under your fingers! In the first phrases, bend the first string upwards whilst simultaneously grabbing the second string with the same finger, then release the bend letting the sounds of both strings collide. Repeat with the second and third strings. Bridge single-coil into a moderately driven amp will work the Voodoo well!

Quick licks: intermediate #1
Intermediate lick two: Blues fusion

A line like this works well over Em7 and other related tonalities such as G, A9 or C#m7b5 to name a few. The lick has a Mike Stern flavour and mixes bluesy bending with Miles Davis style chromaticism for a sophisticated sound. Neck pickup with light drive (chorus effect to taste) is ideal.

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