Quick licks: easy #5

28th Aug 2011 | 10:37

Quick licks: easy #5
Easy lick one: Radiohead rhythm

Here's an open position chord example reminiscent of Radiohead that's a good exercise for maintaining the upper part of a chord whilst changing the bass notes to create new harmonies. Aim to make these chord changes as smooth as possible by keeping the fourth finger stationary for the first four chords.

Dial in a clean valve amp tone and observe the strumming patterns to make sure the rhythm is right.

Quick licks: easy #5
Easy lick two: Nick Drake picking

This is a great introduction to fingerpicking and similar to a classic blues progression. Make sure you keep your picking hand relaxed as your third finger alternates between striking the first and second strings between chord changes, and remember to arch the fingertips of your fretting hand to ensure that the chords sound clearly without buzzing.

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