Quick licks: easy #2

6th Jun 2011 | 12:45

Quick licks: easy #2
Easy lick two: Seasick blues

This is a great electric blues riff to nail down and share with your friends at jam sessions. Reminiscent of Seasick Steve and plenty of the blues icons that preceded him, this is an E7 riff with a traditional move at the end. Strum the sixth string with a downstroke and the top part of the chord with a down/up movement and you're ready to visit the Delta! Opt for a clean or slightly overdriven tone.

Quick licks: easy #2
Easy lick two: High voltage rock rhythm

Here's a thick rhythm guitar example inspired by AC/DC that will tighten up your rock rhythm playing. Make sure you mute the chords in bars 1 and 3 to let things breathe and watch the hammer-ons and pull-off s. Crank the Plexi-Marshall crunch for this one and make Malcolm and Angus proud!

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