Quick licks: easy #19

28th Mar 2013 | 16:30

Quick licks: easy #19
Easy lick one: Tony Iommi style

Here’s a classic Black Sabbath grind - perhaps to celebrate their recent full line-up reformation for 2012’s Download Festival! You’ll need to tune your guitar way down to C for this one (C, F, Bb, Eb, G, C) and crank up some classic British valve crunch for the most authentic Satanic sound.

Quick licks: easy #19
Easy lick two: R.E.M chords

Try this cool chord sequence based on some of Peter Buck’s guitar work with the legendary Athens, Georgia band R.E.M. The G minor chord can be tricky so start slowly and work your way up gradually to 125bpm. Use a clean humbucker guitar sound for a clear but broad tone.

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