Quick licks: easy #16

9th Oct 2012 | 15:10

Quick licks: easy #16
Easy lick one: Wombats-style indie pop

Aggressive pop rhythm guitar in the style of liverpool indie sensations The Wombats. Use all downstrokes and a little bit of valve amp crunch to get the correct vibe. Watch out for the A minor chord slide at the end of bar two and aim to make it blend into the G chord in the next bar.

Quick licks: easy #16
Easy lick two: Nile Rodgers funk

New York ‘70s funk like the legendary Nile Rodgers. Make sure to honour the ‘ghost’ notes in bar two and use a clean neck pickup sound for the right attitude. Aim to make it sit ‘in the pocket’ at 104 bpm to get the gig at Studio 54.

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