Quick licks: easy #14

17th May 2012 | 16:47

Quick licks: easy #14
Easy lick one: Hank Marvin melody

This tribute to the great Hank Marvin features a mostly stepwise melody in A minor with a little bit of tremolo arm shake at the end of each phrase. It's a good one for using the tremolo arm in conjunction with picking - which is not quite as simple as it might seem. Clean single-coil bridge pickup tone is the order of the day.

Quick licks: easy #14
Easy lick two: James Brown-style funk chords

Here's a funky example with chords and staccato notes in the style of James Brown's guitarist Jimmy Nolen. Make sure to keep the single notes short and dig in a bit to make them pop out. A clean strat on one of the in-between pickup settings (neck + middle or bridge + middle) is what's required for maximum funk!

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