Quick licks: advanced #7

2nd Nov 2011 | 13:55

Quick licks: advanced #7
Advanced lick one: Carl Verheyen line

This one is reminiscent of LA session ace Carl Verheyen and features the use of consecutive 5ths and some string crossing for intervallic interest. Although the line uses the G minor scale with no 6th (G, A, Bb, C, D, F) and G blues scale (G, Bb, C, Db, D, F, G), it can be successfully used against more interesting harmonies. Use a bit of gain and smooth sustain with a bridge position humbucker for the best result.

Quick licks: advanced #7
Advanced lick two: Joe Pass-style solo jazz

An example based on the augmented 4th (tritone) substitution similar to Joe Pass's approach, this is a III-bIII-II-bII-I progression in Bb with the top solo line based primarily on melodic minor scale sounds. To get an idea of how these lines sound as substitutions, replace the Db9 chord with G7 and the B9 chord with F7. Make it swing with a clean bassy neck pickup sound at the suggested 62bpm tempo.

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