Quick licks: advanced #6

6th Oct 2011 | 11:56

Quick licks: advanced #6
Advanced lick one: neo classical diminished 7th run

Here we have a sweep picked F# diminished 7th (F#, A, C, Eb) arpeggio sequence resolving to a G minor tonality reminiscent of Yngwie Malmsteen. We threw in a Neapolitan 6th chord (bII in first inversion - Ab/C here) for classical theory enthusiasts. A neck pickup sound with plenty of gain is best.

Quick licks: advanced #6
Advanced lick two: octave displacement

Here's a descending chromatic scale starting on C with the notes placed in different registers. The pattern descends by semitones so you cover the full chromatic scale. It's a great workout for plectrum style playing. Follow the pick strokes, although you may prefer bar 2's picking over bar 1.

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