Quick licks: advanced #4

22nd Aug 2011 | 16:05

Quick licks: advanced #4
Advanced lick one: Jazz bebop IIm V run

Here's a ripping IIm V jazz line (Gm9/C13) that's great for harmonic, melodic, and technical development. Loosely based on the Gm7th Dorian scale, there are also plenty of chromatic passing tones for a sophisticated, authentic bebop sound reminiscent of George Benson.

Use all alternate picking except for the occasional legato and sweep picked passages. Start slowly and work your way up to the 140bpm mark using a warm, clean neck pickup tone.

Quick licks: advanced #4
Advance lick two: DI Meola acoustic shred

Strict alternate picking and palm muting make the right combination here. The line is all sextuplets and each phrase is played on one string at a time and follows the chord movement closely. Perfect playing it slow and accelerate until you're up to full shred and beyond!

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