Quick licks: advanced #3

18th Jul 2011 | 12:02

Quick licks: advanced #3
Advanced lick one: Burning Minor Mayhem!

Get ready to rip it up in F# minor Aeolian with this John Sykes inspired passage. These sequential groups of six start as three notes per string and progress to the upper strings where the pattern changes, so keep an eye on your picking hand as it's all alternating. Crank the gain and get going!

Quick licks: advanced #3
Advanced lick two: nylon string fingerstyle workout

Here's a good study for developing your hammer-ons and pull-offs as well as your open-string chording - think acoustic master Sylvain Luc! Remember to stay on your fingertips for the chords and fast legato passages, keeping the hammer-ons and pull-offs even and clear.

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