Quick licks: advanced #19

25th Apr 2013 | 08:18

Quick licks: advanced #19
Advanced lick one: Frank Zappa lead

An example of Zappa’s unique lead style over a typical Zappa-esque Phrygian vamp (R b2 b3 4 5 b6 b7). Play it aggressively with a loose rhythmic feel and a smooth hot overdrive for extra sustain. Keep an eye on the slides and go for feel over exact execution.

Quick licks: advanced #19
Advanced lick two: Bebop blazing

This is a series of IIm Vm arpeggios utilising consecutive/sweep picking in the style of bebop master Jimmy Raney. Watch the slurs indicated in some of the arpeggio figures and dial in a clean warm neck pickup tone and practise repeating each arpeggio figure until working towards the 150bpm tempo.

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