Quick licks: advanced #15

25th Jul 2012 | 15:48

Quick licks: advanced #15
Advanced lick one: Jimmy Bryant-style

Country swing at its finest, reminiscent of Bryant’s legendary work with Speedy West. These are three-string arpeggios that utilise a slur at the last note, blending into the next arpeggio. Observe the picking, watch the Bb triad inversions at the end and use a single-coil clean valve sound to make it cook!

Quick licks: advanced #15
Advanced lick two: Uli Jon Roth

A great primer for Uli’s neo-classical work, we have neighbouring tones implying the chords. The diminished licks are interesting as everything is on two strings. Relax the picking hand and go for 137bpm as there are some stretches here. Use alternate picking and single coil grit to get it singing.

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