Quick licks: advanced #14

11th Jun 2012 | 16:17

Quick licks: advanced #14
Advanced lick one: John 5-style

This is a sort of a banjo roll with high gain in the style of Marilyn Manson's metal Telecaster master. Hybrid or strict fingestyle picking works well here and try a coil-tapped single coil pickup with plenty of preamp gain to make it '5 approved'!

Quick licks: advanced #14
Advanced lick two: Satch legato

And finally, an '80s era Satriani example that's a real workout for your fretting hand. Take it slowly and aim to avoid pulling the string too far to the side, avoiding the 'meowing' out-of-tune sound that can occur when trying this sort of lead playing. Start slow and clean, eventually working your way up to 143bpm!

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