Quick licks: advanced #13

3rd May 2012 | 09:24

Quick licks: advanced #13
Advanced lick one: Eddie Van Halen-style mock flamenco

We've used Van Halen's acoustic work as inspiration for this example. The pick plays the fast tremolo parts and the fretting hand taps the lower notes as smoothly as possible. It's a clever way for a pick player to sound like a flamenco guitarist - aim for volume balance though!

Quick licks: advanced #13
Advanced lick two: Jan Akkerman-style lead

Here's a tribute to Focus' Dutch guitar master. Note the use of the Hungarian Gypsy Minor Scale (A, B, C, D#, E, F, G#, A), which is characteristic of his lead work. For best results, use a Fender Twin sound cranked and a bridge position humbucker to really cut through.

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