Quick licks: advanced #12

26th Mar 2012 | 16:55

Quick licks: advanced #12
Advanced lick one: Michael Schenker-style lead

A 'Schenkeresque' line harking back to his UFO days. It uses a descending A Mixolydian scale (A B C# D E F# G A) mixed in with standard blues-rock sounds. Use some vintage type crunch with a 'parked wah' set for extra midrange and sustain to give it a fully authentic sound.

Quick licks: advanced #12
Advanced lick two: Paul Gilbert-style string skipping

This Racer X style Gilbert lick is based on a D diminished sound. The fingerings are the same so the focus is on the muting and picking which is alternate for the most part. Crank the preamp gain for maximum '80s burning shred!

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