Quick licks: advanced #11

19th Feb 2012 | 17:15

Quick licks: advanced #11
Advanced lick one: Gary Moore lines

Here's a tribute to the guitar wizardry of Gary Moore. It is a D minor pentatonic pattern, primarily in groups of six that recall Moore's trademark lead style. Like Gary we avoid the fourth finger altogether. Make sure you synchronise the hands at a slow tempo before arriving at the 116bpm tempo.

Quick licks: advanced #11
Advanced lick two: Steve Morse arpeggios

This etude is based on guitarist Steve Morse's arpeggio style, compositionally and conceptually. Use strict alternate picking on this one-note-per-string pattern as Morse would and note how subtle palm muting can help each note 'pop' out! Practise the first four notes slowly at first to sort the picking out.

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