Forthcoming Guitar Break events

18th Oct 2011 | 16:17

Forthcoming Guitar Break events
Guitar Break
Bespoke playing and tuition with expert teachers.
Forthcoming Guitar Break events
Guitar Break
The perfect way to become a better blues rock player.

UK teaching from the GT team, next event this weekend!

Fancy a weekend or day's worth of guitar playing and tuition with Guitar Techniques' Neville Marten and Jason Sidwell?

Courtesy of Guitar Break, there are two events on offer that focus on blues rock styles. The next is a one-dayer at Bristol's Park Centre on 22 October, followed by the regular end of year weekender at Barnet Hill in Guildford, 3-4 December.

Each event will feature hands-on playing with technique and theory featured alongside band scenario jams and song analysis.

From pentatonics to modes, Clapton to Carlton, 7ths to altered chords you're guaranteed to be a better player afterwards.

For more info, free tab downloads, backing tracks and to book visit Guitar Break.

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