Guitarist issue 336 cover – the big reveal

23rd Nov 2010 | 16:45

See what all the fuss about those snippets was and view the Guitarist issue 336 cover in all its glory, with details on the new issue's brilliant pedals feature.

We teased you and hinted at you all afternoon, but now the wait is over – check out the fantastic cover of Guitarist issue 336 in all its glory!

Yes, issue 336 celebrates that most wonderful of guitar goodies, the effects pedal, in fact, we're giving a run-down of the 101 Best Stompboxes Of All Time… Ever!

With patch leads in hand we guide you through Guitarist's selection of the best stompers ever to grace a sticky stage – from flangers to fuzzboxes, cheap to boutique – read the full list, with buying advice, user tips and selected demos on the Guitarist CD.

And that's only the start – issue 336 is packed with all the usual brilliant gear, artists and techniques you'll find every month, plus a special visit from Fender's Custom Shop and the Guitarist 2011 Calendar – check back later in the week to learn more, only on

Guitarist issue 336 is on sale on 24 November 2010 and is available from all good newsagents.

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