Fuzz pedal round-up

1st Oct 2010 | 10:28

Fuzz pedal round-up
Electro-Hamronix Little Big Muff Pi
A classic Big Muff, but more manageable.


We said: "There’s plenty of gain to drive an amp, but the key control is the tone knob. Its wide range will take you from bright, edgy fuzz to creamy liquid sustain and everywhere in between.”

Fuzz pedal round-up
Danelectro Cool Cat V2 Fuzz CF-2
Gives a good general overview of fuzz types.

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We said: “Careful tone-shaping with the EQ controls can summon up some great tones reminiscent of the low-fi early fuzz pedals.”

Fuzz pedal round-up
JMI SupaFuzz
A brick-sized reproduction of the 1966 Marshall unit.


We said: “The tonal voicing feels just right, with a nice balance of frequencies that won’t radically
change your amp’s voice, but coat it with thick and harmonically rich sustaining fuzz.”

Fuzz pedal round-up
Roger Mayer Voodoo Axe
An evolution of the pedal Mayer built for Hendrix in 1968.


We said: “A classic tactile fuzz with loads of sustain and good note articulation. There’s plenty of gain for boosting an amp and a useful tonal range too.”

Fuzz pedal round-up
Zvex Fuzz Factory
This is a wild beast with five knobs to tame it.


We said: “It’s true forté is unbridled sonic terrorism, with staccato-gated fuzz, squeals,
howls and resonant droning feedback that you can then tune to pitch.”

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