Furyon – Gravitas review

21st Jul 2010 | 14:58

Each week, Guitarist reviews an album that we think is the week's standout guitar record. This week: unsigned British metallers Furyon's fantastic debut.


The UK's best new metal band unleash a fantastic debut

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It's shocking to see that Brighton's Furyon remain an unsigned act, but they're doing everything right. Imagine the darkness of Alice In Chains, uplifting anthems of Alter Bridge and classic swagger of Iron Whitesnake in the mix and you have a helping of Furyon's sonic feast.

All 10 songs here are winners – driven by groove-soaked riffs, Matt Mitchell's soaring vocals and head-turning lead work from Chris Green that combines the attack of Michael Amott with the clean, fluid sweep picking thrills of John Petrucci.

The guitar sounds and song craft here are immense – Disappear Again and Voodoo You are immediate and contagious but the standout Souvenirs and Desert Suicide are loaded with expansive, progressive technical flourishes. There's greatness here waiting to be discovered, and the addition of second guitarist Pat Heath means Furyon's guitar dynamic could be even better on the next album.

Standout tracks: Souvenirs, Disappear Again, Fear Alone
For fans of: Alter Bridge, Alice In Chains, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden

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