Acoustic sessions on the Gibson bus

5th Aug 2010 | 13:29

Video: Australian prog rockers Karnivool and Norway's Audrey Horne call in at the Gibson bus during the Sonisphere session to record stripped-down acoustic versions of their songs. The results are impressive…

Gibson brought their Tour Bus back for the second Sonisphere festival at Knebworth on the weekend and hosted acoustic sessions for some of the bands playing – including Karnivool and Audrey Horne.

We make no secret of being huge Karnivool fans on Guitarist – their second album Sound Awake was one of our favourite releases of last year. The acoustic version of All I Know here shows a completely other side to their usual layered, effects-laden sound. Stunning three-part vocal harmonies and stark guitar parts, with Gibsons of course…

Meanwhile, Norwegians Audrey Horne bravely give the gallop of their song Charon an unplugged makeover – with a megaphone no less!

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