What we'd spend £1000 on...

13th Feb 2008 | 11:40

Daniel Griffiths - Editor "It's really boring but I really want a dedicated desktop studio machine so I don't have to use my laptop as a jack of all trades. I guess the Mac Pro would be the one, but then they're a bit over £1000 aren't they? So maybe I'll fill up the MacBook with Arturia's V-Collection and maybe hook up the Virus Snow...?" Chris Barker - Reviews & Features Editor "I'm torn between spending it wisely on the stuff I need such as studio furniture, cables, and a new computer monitor with blowing the wad on stuff that makes noises. I'd probably get a Roland JP8080 from eBay for around £350, a Novation Remote Zero and hopefully squeeze the budget enough to have change for a Yamaha Tenori-on!" Declan McGlynn - Production Assistant "Oh man, I'd get loads of stuff. Definately a Yamaha TX7, a DrumTraks, something that sounds like a Jupiter 8 and that Russian keytar (Formanta MINI above*) from eBay! That's probably more than £1000 though... Will Seelig - DVD Editor "Ah, easy! I'd love a Rhodes, ideally the newly re-released one as they are bloody amazing. But, as it's a bit over the £1000 budget I'll happily settle for an mkII or something from eBay."

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