Logic Pro X: Hands-on video with Computer Music magazine

23rd Jul 2013 | 14:20

Logic Pro X: Hands-on video with Computer Music magazine

In almost half an hour of video, Computer Music magazine take you on a first-look tour of the most vital new features of Logic Pro X

Apple's Logic Pro X took the music software world by storm - and by surprise - last week with its unannounced release, which comes a full four years after that of Logic Pro 9 and brings in a ton of features, tweaks and changes.

To bring you up to speed on exactly what's new, Computer Music magazine have done the hard work for you, getting hands-on in almost half-an-hour of video to share our first impressions.

Here's what's in the video:

1. Intro - 0:00
2. The new interface - 0:47
3. Track Stacks - 3:22
4. Smart Controls - 6:35
5. Drummer & Drum Kit Designer - 9:56
6. The new plugins - 17:06
7. Flex Pitch - 21:20
8. Groove Tracks - 24:50
9. Outro - 27:12

To find out what Computer Music really thinks of Logic Pro X, check out our full review, which will appear in CM195.

And to get the most out of Logic Pro X, hang in there for our huge, video-packed guide to using the new features in CM196!

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