Deadmau5 re-creates the Castlevania theme tune!

18th Feb 2011 | 17:02

Deadmau5 re-creates the Castlevania theme tune!

The house megastar shows off his satisfyingly geeky weekend wind-down routine

It's the weekend, and hopefully we'll all get some time to squeeze in some music-making activity before it's over. If you're in need of inspiration, check out this video from electro-house hero Deadmau5 entitled "i normally do this on sundays":

That's right – it's Deadmau5 recreating the theme from the NES classic arcade adventure Castlevania in his studio full of hi-tech synth kit. If that hasn't got you in the mood for some noodling we don't know what will! Now let's get home and warm up those DAWs...

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